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Life is GRAND!
I'm a recent graduate from an Ontario university, signed to a full time position for 2014, maintaining 70lbs of weight loss, working on my fitness, and exploring the world!

I am my own:
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A little rest day jam from my boy Ben Howard.

Damn ex-boyfriends and their good taste in music. #amIright

Take the time to enjoy this one - you’ll thank me.

All or nothing.

That’s my personality; especially when it comes to living healthy and staying active.

Took Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off and I’m so totally okay with taking today off too.

Coach Dan knows I’m alive but probably thinks I gave up on life.

I went from 9 workouts last week to maybe getting in 4 this week.

It’s for a good cause - preventing an actual injury, nursing some strain.

Going from full on to nothing is a strange thing to do.

I’ll get back into the groove and workout all the time but this slacker life is pretty enjoyable.

ANOTHER rest day??

This will be day 3 in a row.

Snappy hip is back to normal.

Knee is still a little unstable.

Doing whats best for my body and giving it another day to heal up.

Coach Dan is going to think I’ve died or quit.

However, I’ve also discovered that croutons taste like delicious little bites of crunchy yum.

I also had some chocolate today.

That is what we call NOT doing what is best for your body.


Thought we had established this weather was gone for the year. #aprilsnowstormsbringmayicicles #gohomemothernatureyouredrunk #what

Thought we had established this weather was gone for the year. #aprilsnowstormsbringmayicicles #gohomemothernatureyouredrunk #what

Having one of those days…

where I just want to vent about all the shit that’s wrong.

Some days just aren’t your day and this is one of them.

It’s not for any particular reason.

However, when you’re studying - which isn’t fun to begin with, it’s pretty easy to think of all the other shit things, rather than the really great things.

Ben Howard, you’re not helping.


I’m kind of on the verge of being in a really GREAT mood or just being a total GRUMP.

I am the fulcrum of moods right now.

+ Met a really fun guy on the weekend

- Was stone cold sober and too nervous to be cute/fun/flirty

+ Got my friend to investigate more about it

- Plan went haywire when it was hijacked into setting up another friend with one of her friends

+ Finally saw the ex after exactly 3 months

- Am possibly more confused than ever

- Have so much studying to get done

- Am taking a rest day because pain

+ My hair is growing… I don’t look scalped anymore

+ I’m making a delicious dinner

I just don’t know how to feel today

I’m not willing to call it an injury yet

But overuse is a thing.

My interior part of my hip joint is so sore I can barely walk and it hurts to lift my leg from the hip.

Couple days off coming at ya - including today.

I ate a Mcflurry and a cookie to make myself feel better about my tragic life.

I’ll pay, you drove all this way.

The exact thing I said on our first date.

The exact thing he said to me the first time I saw him since we broke up.

I hope that’s a coincidence.

I beat dad! #crossfit #workout #healthyliving  (at Sports Training Academy)

I beat dad! #crossfit #workout #healthyliving (at Sports Training Academy)

I’m like a stalker…

but I stalk posts on Reddit.

That time your ex (when he wasn’t your ex) yet shows you his Reddit account to explain how it works and now you can check on his posts whenever you feel.

That’s a really bad thing to do.

My heart races every time I do it but I can’t stop.

So far nothing too exciting or shocking but you always worry about that one time…


I (honestly) don’t even want to be with him anymore - I just want to be with someone. However, because there’s no one else to fill the void as of yet, all of it lands on him.