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Life is GRAND!
I'm a recent graduate from an Ontario university, signed to a full time position for 2014, maintaining 70lbs of weight loss, working on my fitness, and exploring the world!

I am my own:
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Had a realization toay…

No matter what form of physical activity you do - it’s difficult.

There are probably times when you’re ready to quit, think you might die, throw-up. All those good things.

However, when I stop, rest, catch my breath and think about what I just did I often say to myself ‘ahhh that wasn’t so bad - it was hard but I could have gotten out a few more reps, there was more gas in the tank, I could have done better’

In reality this is usually not true.

I push myself pretty far and work really hard.

After the workout this morning and doing 10 round, I was gasping to breathe, my sides were heaving for breath.

I thought about it a few hours later and thought I didn’t do enough.

Funny how I feel that way. I don’t give my body credit for the work it does and constantly think it should or could have done more.

The miserable owner of this machine. #maclife #howdoesthiswork #awholenewworld

The miserable owner of this machine. #maclife #howdoesthiswork #awholenewworld

O and in regards to calorie counting…

I’m going with the calculate your TDEE, take ~80% of that and eat it.

Thus without netting out exercise (unless when I net on a day it comes out less than my BMR of ~1600) I’ll eat 2000 calories.

Perhaps on rest days I’ll eat a bit less.

Fingers crossed this works.

I Need More Friends

Ones that do CrossFit but at a different gym.

CrossFit makes me feel proud of what my body can do (so does running, yoga etc.) but currently it’s CF.

Today was a good one:

Strength - 5x2 back squats, 5x2 strict press

14 min EMOM to failure

4 power snatches (45#)

5 slam balls (20#)

4 burpees

B and I did it together this morning and I was there for the grind. My hamstrings were lit up from straight leg deadlifts yesterday but I was still feeling alright, so it was a game face kind of day.

B got through 4 rounds before failure.

I quit after round 10, sat for a bit then busted out the last one just for good measure.

I want to talk about it - I want to tell people how I did but generally speaking, people don’t care. If you don’t do CF you don’t care that I actually didn’t mind the snatches but hated the slam balls or that I squatted 155#. 

It’s nice to have a blog to tell but it’s hardly a conversation and you’re not going to go back and forth about how you did, how you can improve, how you felt about it, and just hash out all the details.

First day of Calorie Counting

I decided to aim for around 1600 calories (net) over the course of the day.

Too high?

Too low?

Who’s to say! Calorie counting is a weird thing.

I ate 1963 calories or so.

I estimate that I burned about 300 at Cross Fit. (60 of each push-ups, air squats, sit-ups with squat snatches/straight leg deadlifts for strength, 5 min EMOM 100m sprints to close it out)

I think I did a pretty alright job.

And that included a serving and a half of jelly bellies and 2 big Lindt Easter eggs (which was a bit extreme).

I’m not hungry, I’m not stuffed - I’m happily satiated. 


I’ve gone back to calorie counting life.

We’re going to see how this goes.

I find WW is not good for people who work out a lot; it’s too difficult to figure out how much extra to eat.

If you take the macros from eating 1600-1700 calories and turn it into points you can get into the 40s. Yet I’m only supposed to eat 32 points a day.

I’m going to try this on for size and see what happens.

My CrossFit friend, B and I are both going to endeavour on eating better and losing some body fat. She is going to just eat healthy and properly and I’m going to try counting calories and we’re going to see where we end up.

GPOY | Monday morning (not my) birthday breakfast

Good news; my hair is growing

I made that fancy little card.

Skipping Crossfit to eat; gotta do what ya gotta do.

Considering going back to calorie counting life. But I can accept that I’m gaining mad guns while losing some body fat, however my jeans are still too tight.

Not CrossFit?

Today was not a rest day AND it wasn’t a CrossFit day.

My CrossFit buddy, B and I were texting about how we should both get out and run or do something because we ate so much today and just felt lumpy.

We ended up meeting up for a good, long walk.

I ran to our meeting point (about 1km) then we walked about 7.8 together and I walked 0.5 home.

Definitely a decent amount of exercise for a day that didn’t intend on having any physical activity.

I do need to get in a bit more cardio just to burn fat and calories along with all the lifting I’m doing.

Now my hip feels snappy.

I’m considering that maybe it’s my shoes that are having an effect.